Digital Mammography

Digital Mammography

It is known that breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Europe. But applying good practices for mammography screening can reduce by 25% the mortality of breast cancer. A first step in this direction is to replace classical mammography which detects breast cancer by only 85%, with digital mammography.

According to:

  • the women’s needs for fast and convenient service
  • the preventive medicine,
  • the technological development,

The department has an integrated digital mammography MAMMOMAT INSIRATION complex, which is fully digital (reception, storage, processing, and display) with a digital formless selenium detector. This complex is a superior technology and quality from the analog mammography which use digitizer and use phosphorus cartridges and simply produce the digital image.

With the fully digital mammography complex, radiation is reduced by 20-30% and the test becomes less stressful, decreases and reduces pressure on the breast tissue for optimal digital image.