Bone Mineral Density Test

Bone Mineral Density Test

Osteoporosis is a chronic disorder of bone metabolism in which there is a gradual reduction of their density. The result of this condition is bone over time to become more brittle. Since 1995, the World Health Organization has defined osteoporosis based ZSCORE statistical indicator measuring the Bone Mineral Density, that defined a statistical benchmark with people of the same age, ethnicity and gender. This applies to this day.

The methods used for the diagnosis of bone mineral density are the DPA and DEXA.

The osteoporosis section is equipped with machine of General Electric Lunar Prodigy dual energy level.

The software of the machine programs are:

  • Spine and lateral lumbar spine examination protocol enabled morphometric analysis.
  • Femoral heads.
  • Wrist joint.
  • Technical-piece measuring bone density and amount of fat – muscle mass: Total Body / Body Composition
  • Software for pediatric examinations.
  • Orthopedic protocol software removal metal prostheses