Hormonology – Tumor Rates

Hormones are chemical molecules secreted from special glands or tissues in very small quantities and exert a specific regulatory effect on the activity of specific cells or organs of the body. It is clear that disturbances in secretion may lead to a variety of symptoms and disease entities. Their identification therefore considered crucial for both the diagnosis and monitoring of the disease. The hormonal part is able to control the functioning of thyroid and parathyroid glands, pituitary gland, knee, pancreas, adrenal and monitor pregnancy.

Tumor rates (tumor rates) are chemical substances secreted by cancer cells. Specifically, controlled by the PSA prostate cancer, the Free PSA, Breast CA 15-3, CA 125 ovarian, cervix SCC of the uterus, the gastrointestinal system CEA, CA 19-9, CA 72-4, CA 19 Pancreatic -9, lung NSE, CYFRA, liver AFP of testicular AFP, b-BCG, multiple myeloma B2-microglobulin. The measurement of the concentration in blood or other biological fluids provides information for the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of the treatment of the disease.

To determine both hormones, and cancer rates applied the most modern techniques chemiluminescence (CLIA of Roche) and radioimmunoassay (RIA / IRMA).